Authentic Jamaican Beef Patties

Over 50 years ago, a young married couple from Jamaica, Earl and Joy Levi, had a vision: to bring a piece of home to the States. They started a little Jamaican takeout bakery, open only on the weekends, as they both had very good jobs during the week. Using Joy's grandmother’s recipe, they started making Jamaican Beef Patties. If you did not know, the Jamaican Style beef or chicken patties are a turnover filled with beef or chicken, in a flaky crust.
Earl and Joy’s Pattie shop became so popular, and the demand was so great, that they had to give up their day jobs and expand the business. Tower Isle’s coined the term "Jamaican Style Patties" in response to the USDA rejection of the original term “Pattie”, which is typically used to describe round hamburger patties. Our Jamaican Beef Patties are typically baked. We have two sizes, our regular 5oz or our cocktail size which is a 1.4 oz and is great as an appetizer or snack.
Tower Isle’s products are made in their factory in Brooklyn, New York using USDA Fresh Grade A beef or diced chicken breast, and fresh scotch bonnet peppers, imported from Jamaica. Tower Isle’s is committed to producing a high-quality specialty food.

Tower Isle’s is truly the pioneer of the Jamaican Beef Patty and has also been the first in many areas which include: First USDA certified Jamaican Beef Patty company to be manufactured and sold wholesale; First to sell to the Board of Education; First to sell in supermarkets, pizzerias, delis; First to sell in the US military commissaries just to name a few. They demand only the best ingredients for their customers and have stayed committed to providing a nostalgic journey of flavor from the island of Jamaica with every bite.

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